cross training for your jobHow would you research the topic, The lack of Cross training on your Job

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would look on Business Journals and type exactly the problem that you are referring to, because chances are that someone has already done some sort of qualitative research in that area, and you will have the chance to be backed up by actual discoveries of lack (or not) of cross training at the job places.

Go google it on "Google scholar" so it takes you straight to research articles and books specifically around that area.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator


Are you talking about a specific job? One way you can do research is within the company. If you have a job, and are interested in cross-training, talk to people in other positions. You can begin by offering to help or fill in when needed. As long as you are not seen as a threat, you will be able to learn about the work of another position and become more valuable to your company.

greenie1 | Student

any idea of on the job cross training

krishna-agrawala | Student

To research a topic like this you need to divide the topic in two sub parts:

  1. The topic of cross training in general, including information like what is cross training, how it should be conducted, what are its limitations, what problems may be faced in implementing cross training, and how to avoid these. You may also like to trace the history of development of cross training, and collect data on extent of use of cross training today.
  2. The nature of cross training as applicable to your job in particular. This may cover aspects like what different ares or jobs should be covered, and the extent and kind of training appropriate for each area.

The total time and effort you can put in for the research will determine the type and quality of information you should collect for the research. Internet is the most convenient and quick way of collecting information on a very wide variety of subject. But unless you have access to specialized on-line data bases, Internet is not likely to yield very good quality information for research work.Books and professional journals provide the best quality information. These should be available in your own school/college library.

When searching for information any subject for research, either on Internet, books or journals it is a good idea to also check for references and bibliographies in documents you have already located.

epollock | Student


To research the topic, I would first look to on-line sources by typing in either "cross training" or lack of cross training" in a web search engine. After reading entries for cross training, I would look over the history and development and any current theories about cross training.  I would then look at advantages and disadvantages and focus on the advantages. The advantages will give you a clue as to why organizations do not do it.  Is it a lack of resources, energy, or effort, on the part of management?  Is the organization too small and they don't see any benefit? Once you see why companies do it, look at the reverse of that to get a good idea why some companies don't.

The next place would check is journal articles in scholarly business journals about the concepts of cross taring and why it works and doesn't.  that should initially give you some great research on either writing a paper on cross training or giving a presentation.