Are cross links (in terms of bonds between polymers) an example of intermolecular bonds?

she-chemist | Student

If  you  imply  links  between  the molecules  of polymers,  but not component  parts  of these  molecules,  forces  of bonds  between  them  are Van-der-Vaal's forces( without  the transmission of electrons from atoms ), i.e. intermolecular.  Polymerization  of molecules  looks, as growth  of loops  on the  surface  layer of   catalyst- one  molecule  grows from  an active  center,  and then  a free  end  is adsorbed  by the surface  of catalyst and  fastened ( it  looks  as  knitting of lace)) On  other  end  of molecule a monomer  initiate  the  growth  of loop.By  formation  of row  of such  loops a primary  lamel   is formed,the separate  loops  of which  are connected  by intermolecular  forces .A primary  lamel is a basis for  crystallization of new  areas  of growing  chain.  This  chart  works    at  the design of fibrils or  other anisometric  matters too.   The weakness  of these  connections is deceitful,  because at  sufficient  length  of filaments  sum  of energies  of these  links  is more than  sum  of energies  of links  which filaments are built from . Therefore  even such  loosely-coupled  links are  rarely  broken  by the  fluctuations  of thermal  energy.

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