What is the nature of the spontaneous love between Celia and Oliver as seen in Shakespeare's As You Like It?

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Shakespeare certainly does portray spontaneity of love as a theme in As You Like It, and Celia and Oliver falling in love certainly is one example of a spontaneous romance.

Oliver appears to have fallen in love with Celia as Aliena the first moment he sees and speaks with her, and Celia seems to quickly reciprocate his feelings and agree to marry him. However, it is not Oliver's looks so much as her knowledge of his newly changed character that incites Celia's feelings of love for Oliver. As we learn when Rosalind first falls in love with Orlando in the first act, both Oliver and Orlando are sons of Sir Rowland de Boys , a courtier that Rosalind's usurped and exiled father dearly loved and admired, as well as the rest of her father's court....

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