Critically comment on Georgiana Darcy in Pride and Prejudice.

Expert Answers
M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Georgiana Darcy is a quintessential young lady. She is a small foil of Elizabeth in that she is shy, delicate, and almost "breakable". The adoration that her brother bestows upon her certainly doesn't help her grow into a strong woman like Elizabeth. However, Elizabeth is a woman ahead of her time by all standards while Georgiana fits perfectly into her exclusive social circle.Georgiana also seems to maintain the "little sister" persona, almost as if she were a damsel in distress.

Being 16, well-formed, tall and very pretty, it is obvious that men such as Wickham would want to take her as their next "victim." The fact that she nearly eloped with Wickham before being "saved" by her brother, Darcy, shows that she does not lack the romantic fantasies and the innocence that are typical of a teenager of "marriageable" age.  However, we can see a clear difference between her and Lydia (a peer of her own age) in that maybe Georgiana's upbringing was good enough to make her the respectable lady she is.

However, Georgiana remains flat in the story. She blindly accepts whatever plan her brother has for her, and she never changes her demeanor, her characteristic feebleness, nor her delicate personality. Hence, Georgiana is one of those characters that are easier to describe by speculating about them because there is a lack of in-depth information in the story.