critically comment on the character of Eugine Markbanks in the light of the image of the poet in the victorian age?

amitsingh11582 | Student

According to my opinion........

Eugine Markbanks is the boy who fell in love with a women who was too old to him.Though morally what he was thinking or doing was wrong but contrary, on the other hand his behaviour was normal because to whom he loved she was a female and he has also odepius complex, which is natural. 

Victorian poet wrote in the age of compromise, compromise between science and religion, faith and superstition, doubt and truth, democracy and monarchy , hope and dispair etc. Though he fought with Morell(husband of Candida),but, he was in the state of confussion also, like Candida might love me than her husband(hope), Morell has no spear time for her(doubt), he may give her full tim(faith),...........etc, but at last after the auction scene he realised truth. 

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