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Critically comment on Sir Francis Bacon's use of persuasive techniques and figurative language to support his views in his essay "Of Travaile."

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In his essay “Of Travaille” [that is, concerning travel], Sir Francis Bacon uses a variety of persuasive techniques and some notable instances of figurative language in order to support his argument. Among his persuasive techniques are the following:

  • In his opening sentence, he mentions two potential audiences – young people and older people. Although later he mainly focuses on the young, his essay might also profitably be read by their parents.
  • His tone is that of an experienced person who knows what he is talking about, probably from his own travels. After all, he cites no learned authorities but gives his own advice.
  • He shows the breadth of his experience and advice by frequently using lists, so that he seems to know a lot and seems to be comprehensive in his counsel.
  • He is willing to criticize common practice (such as that involving the keeping of diaries), thus showing his independence of mind and his confidence in his own advice.
  • He offers very practical advice – advice that would...

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