Critically assess the reasons for the global spread of English in the last eighty years.

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Marwa14 makes some great points about England, America, and technology changing global communication. One might also consider a few other events. First, England colonized many different countries in the 19th century which led them to ruling over many nations during the first part of the 20th century and forcing native peoples to learn English. Add to that the many global wars that both England and America were allies in and were stationed in many countries for years to help protect and defend themselves as well as the native people. Movies and television were another great carrier of the English language. Ask anyone in Europe what helped them to learn English and many point to movies and television along with required school classes at a young age. It is also a common language in business throughout the world because America was the economic super power for so long. Anyone wanting to do business in America needed to learn English in order to communicate more effectively and more quickly. Now as that might be shifting, maybe we should all be learning Chinese.

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The reasons for the global spread of english language depended in my opinion to the big progress achived in the countries speak english such as ,England,United States of America. The great development in these countries affected positivly on their language because of the strong relation between the strenth of the country and the strenth of the language and that we noticed after the collapse of  the soviet onion and the beginning of the rising of United States of America (U S A) as agreat power in the world ,the military power affected all fields  social, scientific,economical and of course the english language is greatly influenced,for instance alot of scientific instruments carry english names ,we read alot of scientific researches published in english language .

Additionally ,the immigration from the third world countries maximized for leanning and work and  this immigration contribute in the spread of english language .

Other hand,the prosperity of english literature and  the spread of english masterworks has agreat influence in the spread of english language.

Mention to worth ,the last  decades wittnesed enormus progress in means of comunication which transfered the world to a small village .The amazing development in the internet and the domination of english language in the  world wide web and the most of social networking sites considered very important elements,that we could not ignore,  when we write about the spread of english language.

In conclusion,we can say that the english language was amirror reflected the strenth and domination of its nations and the spread of their ideas.