Critically assess the merits and demerits of Audio_lingual Method of English language teaching?plz answer in detail

marwa14 | Student

Audio lingual method of English language teaching was the first method to be based on atheory of learning whose influence  can be seen in avariety of drill based techniques and exercises.

From the merits of audio lingual method first,  helping students to memorize  new structures through many repition drills designated to familliarize students with  sounds and structional patterns of the English language.

 Second ,audio lingual method depend on the concept of habit formation,of behaviorism .since learner needed to form good hapits lessons involved agreat deal of repitition.

Third, teach the language,not about the language.Get learners to develop their skills through drill and practice.

Demirits of audio lingual method included being inadequte of both learning process and the nature of language which depends more in comprehention and  active mental process rather than aprocess of hapit formation.

Also the audio lingual method involved providing sts with components of the language ,in hopes that they put them all together and speak .so sts might spend several semester repeating after the teacher as aresult the students lack the most important skill which is the comunication skill.

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