Critically appreciate ''The Fox,'' the short story by D.H Lawrence.

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Strong elements worthy of critical appreciation in the short story "The Fox" by DH Lawrence must surely include the following. An outstanding strength of this short story is the depiction of Nature, both in the symbolism of the fox itself and in the poetic prose descriptions of the landscape and sky.

Symbolism is strong, pervasive and full of message in this short story - rather like the odour of the fox himself. Henry and the fox are compared,transposed and superimposed several times (Henry also has a strong smell from his muddy clothes,his gun,his maleness and his sweat.)

Human observation and character portrayal are deep and meaningful. March is very fully described - her breeches,the way she sits,her wisps of hair, her large brown eyes. Banford also - her strands of grey hair,her mousy behavior and lack of physical agility in climbing stiles or heavy farm work. Henry is described minutely, right down to his foxy-colored downy hair - as is the fox itself.

Psychological analysis is precisely observed too - the cunning and wily thoughts of Henry, the peevish possessiveness of Banford and the self-control issues of March. There so many more elements to include in such a stunning short story (i.e. actualisation skill) but these are outstanding.

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