Critically analyze the lyrical elements in Yeats' "The Lake Isle of Innisfree."

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One of the key elements of this poem is the way that it presents us with an impossibly idyllic dreams of a person who is clearly stifled and in danger of being suffocated by the urban sprawl in which he lived. We can see in Innisfree a symbol of the kind of relationship with nature and example of natural beauty that so many industrial-era Victorians longed for. Note the way that the speaker's dream is presented as being characterised by peace and the transcendent beauty of the island. The speaker desires a simple, solitary, peaceful and pastoral life on the island, in his small cabin and with a description of his bean rows and a "hive for the honey bee." The description of peace coming "dropping slow" as if it were honey falling from a spoon, combines with examples of imagery such as "There midnight's all a glimmer" to create a lyrical landscape that is almost dream-like in its beauty. This lyric therefore celebrates the union with nature that man can have which is necessary for his existence.

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