Critically analyse "ODE TO AUTUMN"?plz answer in detail

bhawanipur | Student

'Ode to Autumn' is a poem by John Keats. He has described the autumn season nicely. There are three stanzas in the poem. The first stanza gives a full picture of the fruits come to maturity and ripen during this season. Keats says that as if it happens so because of a conspiracy hatched by autumn and the sun together. Autumn is close bossom friend of the sun. Many later flowers boom in this season which assures the bees that the summer season is not yet gone.

From this description it comes to mind of a poem 'The human seasons' ny Keats again. It seems as if he is relating  autumn to human life. In the second stanza, he personifies autumn to a beautiful lady perfoming various task during autumn like reaping crops, winnowing, gleaning and watching and performing cider pressing.

In the third stanza the poet has described about the music of autumn. Autumn should not worry because it has its own music like the spring.