CRITICAL THINKING "american girl" retail store experience in an attempt to sustain the interest of older girls in the Barbie Land. Do you think  this strategy will work? Identify another well-known product that appeals to a specific age group. Do you think a similar strategy would be successful?

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Honestly, I think that any products which allows a girl (in this age bracket, say 4 to 8/10) to dress up, put makeup on, and look like the girls they see on television are appealing to girls. My daughter never played with dolls, her nose was always in books. So my knowledge of other products is quite limited. I have to say that I remember is the dolls which mirrored teenage girls (I can't for the life of me remember what they where called) were popular a few years ago. After looking at websites, focusing upon specific age groups, another product which might appeal to girls in the age bracket you are speaking of are called Monster High Dolls. Given the interest in vampires, werewolves, and other supernatural figures, these dolls appeal to young girls.

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Honestly, I look at the "American Girl" doll as a doll who appeals to the same age range as those who play with Barbie dolls. I do not think that they actually appeal to older girls (even though the commercials depict some older girls playing with them). I think the strategy works only because the idea of having a twin is so appealing to younger children.

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