critical thinking Consider a purchase decision involving one of the following products:Mercedes-Benz ; Louis Vuitton ; Tiffani Jewelry ; Four Season Hotels and Resorts Develop an evoked set of alternatives for your purchase decision. Then create a list of evaluative criteria that you would use to choose among the alternatives. Finally, make your purchase decision. 

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Each of the options you have listed are high price items considered to be luxury or specialty items.

Whichever one you pick you would need to consider what other alternatives exist within the same category. For example: Mercedes Benz are high priced luxury cars. What other auto manufacturers create cars that would fall within the same category? You would be looking at the special features that make a Mercedes a luxury car and comparing other cars that have the same or similar features and then price and service.

The next consideration is less expensive non luxury items. A Mercedes is still a car. So what options are out there that still would meet your needs for transportation, safety, size, gas mileage, etc but might include less luxury items and be cheaper?

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If I were searching for a hotel, I would considering the following regarding Four Seasons. First, I would consider its location. Is it accessible to restaurants, entertainment, etc.? Second, I would consider the price. Is it within my travel budget, or will staying there keep me from doing other things I want to do? Third, I would look at possible promotions. Many hotels offer special packages that can save a lot of money. Finally, I would consider other options, comparing all of the above criteria. At that point, I would decide whether or not to stay at the Four Seasons. 

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