Sonnets from the Portuguese Questions and Answers
by Elizabeth Barrett Moulton

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Give an analysis of "Sonnet 43" by Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

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Elizabeth Barrett Browning, a 19th Century Victorian poet, wrote her love sonnets in secret before her marriage to Robert Browning, another great English poet.  Barrett Browning's poetry was immensely popular during her lifetime.  Many critics believe that her sonnets are the most genuine and skilled expressions of love in English literature.  "Sonnet 43" comes from her collection of poetry, Sonnets from the Portugese.

"Sonnet 43" follows the Italian form of sonnet. Consisting of fourteen lines written in iambic pentameter, the poem is divided into two parts:  an octet, the first eight lines; and a sestet, the last six lines. Each part provides a particular part of the message of the poem.  One of the primary figures of speech utilized in the poem is anaphora which is a repetition of a word or words at the...

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