critical paragraph of scene III and  4 for act 2

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Sorry, I can't help regarding the constrution of a well organized paragraph.  Some notable things that might help follow.  Jessica's "thou, a merry devil"  corresponds to the clown's "the Jew my master who, God bless the mark, is a kind of devil."  Also in scene 3 is one of many vexing editing problems:  "If a Christian do not play the knave and get thee; I am much deceived."  Some editors note that a later edition(F2) reads "did" rather than "do."  At any rate, the clown is fond of Jessica, which is notable when one considers the possibility that Antonio and Shylock were once rival suitors of Leah(see 3.1).  It is interesting to compare Salerio/Solanio with Bassanio/Gratiano and as one thing leads to another, Antonio/Bassanio and Shylock/Tubal(both Antonio and Tubal are generous).  Also notable are editor's notes regarding plot  sources.   Professor Bevington noted a fifteenth-century story by one Masuccio of Salerno and a story by one Anthony Munday titled ZELAUTO, from 1580.  In both stories, all the characters are Christians.  

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