Where can I find critical essays on Aspects of the Novel by E. M. Forster? What do you know about them and is one better than another?  Why? 

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While I am unable to give you an essay on "Aspects of the Novel" by EM Forster, I can give you a little help and lead you in the direction so you can write it on your own.  First, EM Forster's novel is a publication of a series of lectures on the English language novel, delivered by E. M. Forster at Trinity College, Cambridge, in 1927. Using examples of classic works by many of the world’s greatest writers, he discusses seven aspects he deems universal to the novel: story, characters, plot, fantasy, prophecy, pattern, and rhythm.  From there, Forster discusses the novel, rather than looking at the authors over time, he looks at them all together in order to judge the novel genre as a whole.  Forster has strong opinions about what should (fantasy and prophecy) and what shouldn't (pattern narrative) be included in the novel.  In your critical essay you could question these ideas. 

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There are several critical essays here at eNotes which you may find helpful: 





If you are looking at Forster alone, I think the best one is the first, though the second might be very useful if you compare it to the one sagetrieb recommends from Woolf alone. 

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Virginia Woolf wrote a critical review of Aspects of the Novel, which is titled "Is Fiction an Art?"  in her Collected Essays Volume 2 (51-55).  It is also collected in The Moment and Other Essays (I06-12)