Critical appriate 'The purpose of education'by Arthur Clutton Brock?

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Purpose of Education is part of a combination of essays that all aim to explain Brock's central argument: In order to learn to understand, appreciate, and respect the essence of things, we need to unveil the aesthetic aspect of all that surrounds us.

Brock was an aesthete and, as such, his mission is to educate about the art and beauty of things. Beauty is not neccesarily related to what is commonly considered attractive, however. For an aesthete, beauty in found everywhere there is art: Even in things considered not attractive by others.

His argument claims that educators, nor the people who decide for the education of a civilization are no longer exploring beauty in things, but turn to other characteristics which deviate from unveiling the fact that all things can be beautiful, and that shape, form, essence, and temperament are properties as valuable as mass, shape, color, and look.

Hence, he says that for us to create future perfectionists, people whose quality of work is always present, we need to present the value of aesthetics as a reality in the study of science. Only this way would we be able to truly appreciate and become inspired by our surroundings.