Critical  appreciation of "The Postmaster."  

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A simple web search will reveal much in way of analysis of Tagore's short story.  One mode of analysis will be how Tagore treats both main characters' concept of strength.  I think that this breaks down to the idea of which character, the Postmaster or Ratan, is actually stronger or demonstrates greater strength?  The Postmaster demonstrates some level of strength in his enduring life in the village, but Ratan shows much more strength in her taking care of the Postmaster as well as being able to fully learn what is taught.  The analysis present helps to display the role of women in this setting as well as how they are in connection to men.  I think that you can also find more appreciation of how Ratan represents or symbolizes a great deal, in particular how individuals that might be perceived as lesser on a social scale could be able to rank much higher on a moral or ethical scale of conduct.