What might be a critical appreciation of poet like John Keats,and  a discussion of his works' relevancy?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Keats' philosophy and poems represent some thought provoking ideas that is possible in art.  Many of his work sought to illuminate ideas that can only be classified as representing "the human predicament."  This moves his work into the realm of philosophy as well poetry.  No better is this seen in "Ode on a Grecian Urn," in which the study of a Greek vase represents thought provoking musings on the nature of consciousness, art, and meaning.  The closing couplet of the poem has becomes some of the most studied lines in literature in its articulation of a condition Keats called, "Negative Capability," a predicament in which one learns to live with and appreciate doubt and uncertainty.  His ballad, "La Belle Dame Sans Merci" is a work that possesses different layers of meaning depending on the point of view of the reader, indicating its truly complex nature.  It was not merely the philosophy of Keats which proves relevant.  His technical proficiency in both rhyme and use of image filled language, such as in "To Autumn," fills the mind with powerful and lush pictures of nature and change.  Keats is relevant today for both the philosophical nature of his work as well his ability to write poetry of a high caliber.  When Keats desired "to be amongst the greatest of poets," his modern relevancy is revealed, as it was his wish to have his poems play a role in a modern appreciation of poetry.

sargam21 | Student

John Keats is a person who has deep thoughts for nature. his highly imaginable power & desire to remain alone expresses his passion for poetry.