critical appreciation of no men are foreign by james kirkup  

kc4u | Student

James Kirkup's poem, No Men Are Foreign aims to preach the message of universal fatherhood of God and brotherhood of man. All men are children of God, sharing the same earth as brothers. This is an example of the poetry of instruction and moral inspiration which echoes the message of many philosophers and prophets of the olden times.

Irrespective of the geographical, religious. cultural, linguistic and other differences, all men are natives of this planet, the unity in diversities that the title of the poem refers to. All men walk about on this earth and all are buried under this earth's surface. All men work with their hands; all men prosper in peace-time and suffer during wars. All men bask in the same sun, and breathe the same air. So no men are foreign to any country, and no country is strange to any men. we should shun hatred and live in universal brotherhood.