critical appreciation of "to india my native land"answer needs to be long! plz

jayanthy | Student

The poet expresses a sense of personal loss in the downfall of India, his country. He recalls India's glorious past civilisation in which her fame and spiritual message had spread throughjout the world. She was worshipped like a goddess; people looked up to her for spiritual leadership. The poet regrets that such glory and reverence is not to be found in her any more because she is now bound by the chains of slavery. A country, which was once soaring high like an eagle, is now grovelling in the infamous dust. This sadplight of the country does not inspire poets to sing a song in her praise, but it only leads him to tell a sad tale of her misery.

India lost her'glory', the "eagle" stopped soaring and was chained- an image indicating subjugation to the British. The subjugation is hinted at by the expression "grovelling in the lowly dust arat thou".

There is rich religious imagery India was worshipped as a deity in the past. There was a beautiful halo around the head of India to indicate that it was a sacred nation. India was the Mother figure for all its children, but that was the past.

In the last sixlines the poet strikes an optimistic note.He talks of his longing to go back into the past so that he can bring out some exaltedglory from history to inspire the present generation.he wishes to servse country and for the services all that he wishes for is a kind wish from his motherland.

sidmufc | Student

H.L.V Derozio's patriotism speaks out from every word of the poem and his heart wrenching feelings fill the cup of his offerings to his native land in this superb piece of poetry.The poet visualizes his native land to having a supreme position in the world which now has been degraded to the most menial possible.His beloved motherland has been compared by him to the elites-a deity with a halo,a loftily flying majestic eagle and a personality,whose praises used to compose the lyrics of the ministrels.Deeply saddened by the pathetic condition of his country,the poet resolves to try a last-ditch effort to revive the past glories.He wishes to venture to retrieve the lost fame of his country,now forgotten by mankind.He wishes to perform this in exchange of a mere good wish and blessing from his motherland.