I need a critical appreciation of "An Introduction" by Kamala Das.

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Upon reading Das' "Introduction," I think that one strain of criticism about her work emerges.  Das is writing from a point of view that does not necessarily embrace one point of perception about identity.  In her poem, she writes from the point of view as an Indian, a woman, as well as one who is bound by regionalism.  Her assertion of language and linguistic based construction of power are present in the opening lines of the poem.  The discussion of Das' perception of being a woman occupies a great deal thought in the closing of the poem.  The fundamental challenge that Das presents in her work goes to the focus of how identity should be constructed.  In a truly post modern sensibility, Das constructs identity in a multiplicity of ways, as evidenced in the poem, and in a variety of manners.  In this light, identity is not something quick or easy to identify, but rather layered in sediments that force one to delve and examine in order to construct.

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