A critical analysis of "no men are foreign" by james kirkup?includes themes, criritcal analysis etc.

chetanruparel | Student
The poem “No Men Are Foreign”, a poem by James Kirkup states that no man is foreign or strange and we should not regard anyone as foreign or strange. The poem revolves around the idea that all men are equal. Though they are separated by boundaries there is no difference between men of different nations. The difference is only within a man’s heart. It is a universal appeal for brotherhood. The differences among them pertain merely to colour, dress and food habits which are not of much significance. Humanity all over the world is alike. If man is destroying another nation, he is actually destroying himself and the entire humanity. The people of different countries may differ in complexion and clothing but their mental, physical and emotional experiences are the same. The poet makes an effort to wipe away the hatred among people of the world and highlights the futility of war and weapons that only add pollution to “innocence.”