Critical analyse of Edgar Allan Poe as a writer.symbolism in his plays

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Poe only wrote one play "Politician" which was not published, so I wonder if you mean to analyze his talent as a fictional writer and the use of symbolism in his works.

Most of the symbolism that Poe uses in his works come straight from the Romantic/Victorian traits that make up the Gothic Literature Movement. In this movement, nostalgia, emotions, remembrance, the supernatural, the extreme, and naturalism combine together to create an atmosphere of darkness, coldness, mystery and sadness.

The symbology would, thus, be characteristic of these emotions: A mysterious Raven bringing memories from the past and reminding us of death; A machiavelic Prince with a peculiar castle in different colors that symbolize either sin, life, death, or all combined (Masque of Red Death); A magestic manor falling apart within dark, damp walls representing the state of mind of its owner (Fall of the House of Usher); or a pendulum whose movement brings the victim closer and closer to death just as the movement of the clock's pendulm represents one more minute of life gone by (Pit and the Pendulum).