According to Paine, what was the best way to defeat the British?

Expert Answers
thetall eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In his work "Common Sense," Thomas Paine was able to inspire the rebels and the thirteen colonies against the British imperial regime. He suggested that there was an urgent need for the colonies to push for their independence. He informed the readers of the advantages of independence and the need to fight and secure it. Paine went on to become one of the Founding Fathers, as it was with his support that they were able to draft and inform the British regime of their intentions to be independent. At the time when Paine was working on "Common Sense," the American people had not made a definitive choice to fight for their independence. This was because some of the people were still hopeful that they could reach an understanding with the British administration to avoid the crisis. In order to defeat the British the Americans had no choice but to engage in a violent confrontation. Paine asserted that the Americans needed to recognize their ability to forge a formidable armed forces that could rival the royal forces.