Is the crew to blame for the sinking of the Titanic?

atticus-finch | Student

Yes and no. The crew ignored the complaints and warnings about icebergs and that led to the sinking of The Titanic. But, also the makers are at fault. They tried a new "better" technique, that caused the metal not to bend when hit, so when it got hit/scraped, the metal just, practically, shattered.

Basically, yes. The captain was warned seven times about nearby icebergs, but he ignored them. Bruce Ismay, the White Star Line owner, was largely responsible for giving a lot of dumb advice, and people listened to him. He pressured the captain to maintain full speed. The radio operator ignored warning messages about icebergs. The lookouts weren't doing their job at reporting problems, but they didn't have binoculars with them and that was the captain's responsibility to make sure they had them. Even the ship designer was to blame. At least, he could've made more lifeboats, but he listened to Bruce Ismay. The Titanic probably would not have sunk, had it not been for negligence and carelessness on the crew's part.

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