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Creon's Fear What is Creon most afraid of and why?

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Good thoughts.  I was (finally!) watching the last season of "The Sopranos" this weekend.  Tony Soprano is dealing with the exact same problems.  He wants to maintain control, and will do it at all costs, even murdering people he loves to hold on to the top position.  His therapist asks him why, and what is it about the power that he can't give up?  You can see his struggle to answer, much like Creon briefly softens with the Leader, admits his mistakes and tries to stop the tragedy.  It's too late.

For Tony, I guess it will be too late as well.  Don't tell me though!  I still have three episodes to go!! :)

I am reminded once again of how there really are no new stories.  If you were teaching this to a class, you might ask them to find parallels, in history, in film.  

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malibrarian eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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Creon fears disobedience and treachery. Perhaps he feels unsure and unsettled on his throne, knowing how he ultimately came by it (dead sister, blinded brother-in-law/nephew, dead nephews, etc.). Perhaps he feels as cursed as Antigone does, but he deals with it differently. Rather than yearning toward death, he is bound and determined to control his future, his state, his family...everything!

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