Are credit cards money? 

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Credit cards are not money.  To see why this is so, let us look at the three functions that money must fulfill.  

Money must serve as a medium of exchange and as a unit of account. Credit cards function in both of these ways.  You can typically use your credit card to buy things, making them a medium of exchange.  Your bill tells you exactly how much you have spent, making the statement (at least) a unit of account.  

But money must also serve as a store of value.  This means that money must hold its value for a long period of time.  Credit cards do not serve this function.  They are really only a short term loan.  If your credit card company refuses to honor your card, your card is useless. Thus, credit cards do not act as a store of value and are not money.

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I don't really agree that credit cards are money. We tend to see it as money because if we go through the characteristics  and functions of money credit cards do have some characteristic's of money but not all. even the functions and characteristics are similar because in an indirect way its money which is attached to the credit card. If we go through some function as

MEDIUM OF EXCAHNGE -  credit cards are not very likely to fullfill this as their might not be places which have credit card facihlities but money is gemerally accepted by everyone anywhere.

Therefore due to factors like this credit cards are not money.


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