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Is the Creator of the Universe not worthy of our honor and indeed our praise?  If not the Creator, then who?

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We have to be very careful when wording such abstract, ephemeral questions, because there a real vagueness between the signifier and the signified; that is, no-one is sure that "Creator of the Universe" signifies a real entity, or is simply the closest our language can get to referring to the physical facticity that seems to have had a "beginning" and seems to "obey" some "laws" of physics.  Would you "honor and respect" the Big Bang itself if the language did not personify the cause of it? "Honor" and "respect" are human constructs, differing from culture to culture, and what those words (signifiers) signify is by no means clear--a gang member might object to being "disrespected" or a soldier could be "honored" with a medal, but "worthy of" is an subjective, human evaluation.  So, just because this thought can be worded in a question format grammatically does not make it a valid inquiry.  

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Did you notice monique06 put used capitals when writing 'Creator of the Universe'? This signifies that she's not talking about some hyphonuted theory, but about God, the Creator of the earth.

Monique06, you are absolutely right. Only God deserves the praise because not only did He created the universe, but He also sent His Son to die for our sins, so that we are now guiltless. This is the best gift anyone could ever give us.

If we were not to praise Him for His creation, it would be blasphemy.