Creativity and InnovationWhy is it important to foster creativity and innovation in older organizations?

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engtchr5 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Within older organizations in particular, practices of daily routine can become stale and uninteresting to the working population. This "old hat" can cause workers' minds to stagnate, and as a result, the business or group will suffer.

As an example, consider the American newspaper: If corporations like Morris Communications or the New York Times group did not stimulate their workers by making them think about the future of print media, workers there would quickly fall into their everyday work habits, most of which would be fundamentally rooted in the traditions and establishments of Pulitzer-era newspapers.

In the world of media, change is happening all the time, and is becoming more rampant as the era progresses. Writers, editors, publishers, photographers, and advertisers are constantly having to consider the idea of "new media:" online publications, blogs, ezines, forums, and other informational sites that have come to largely replace the traditional black-and-white physical newspaper. Some news companies have adapted to this transformation and have survived, even succeeded. Those who have not are quickly becoming relics of the past.

dbello eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As a firms grows it might pass the point of effectiveness. Known as the law of diminishing returns, the increase in income resulting from years of expansion becomes less than its increased cost of operation or production, the corporation will find itself on the short end of the 'economies of scale'. In order for the corporation to survive once it has reached this point is to 'downsize', to re-organize. One way corporations  could use hindsight to promote a more productive foresight is to create a capacity where by creativity and innovation become a part of the production process. It is true that corporations usually have a research department of some sort, perhaps a greater emphasis is needed to effect change within that sector of the corporation. Interesting that the current events regarding the state of the automobile industry is a pretty good argument for fostering creativity and innovation on a daily basis.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A company can only grow through innovation.  When employees have the opportunity to be creative, and are encouraged to be, the organization can grow and change.  Staying stagnant is not an option.  Any company can encourage its employees at all levels to find better and more efficient ways to do things, and be creative in coming up with ideas for new products and services.

jonmarsh80 | Student

All company recruits that type of person which have the ability to obtain all thing in very short time and can apply that thing in creative mind. In all field creativity is the basic thing, Person can do any thing by his own thinking and gets more power by that thing.

realworld | Student

Older organizations are like 'Ageing' human being.Human being need proper health care,medication to stay fit and healthy to run their life and to achieve their goals in differeent fields during their life time.Human age may not come back once it has gone. But organizations can stay for a long perion of time young if it were recharged time to time by applying creative and innovative techniques through which it resembles contemporary outlook and sustain its image towards achieveing its organisational creativeity and innovation works as energy drink and medication to stay fit the organisation for longer perion of time. 

krishna-agrawala | Student

We commonly talk about advantages of "working smarter" rather than "working harder". All major advancement of human being is because of better or smarter way of doing things rater than putting in more efforts in performing work in the same old way. Innovation and creativity is an essential ingredient of finding such better ways of doing it. But we must remember that to be able to create new and better ways of working, or in other words, developing new technologies, hard work is also necessary. Innovations don't just happen. They must be thought out, developed, and put in practice. This requires sincere work.

Innovation and ceativity are important for all types of organizations - older as well as younger. However, the older and successful organizations tend to be more routine oriented rather than innovative. Perhaps, such organizations achieved their position of eminence by their innovative approaches in the past, but once successful, they tend to stick to their old ways. In comparison, new organization struggling to compete with existing market leaders are forced to innovate. As they say "necessity is the mother of all inventions". For this reason there need to deliberately foster and encourage in older organizations.

imag | Student

Community and globally conscious creativity and innovation is critical to the positive well-being of the individuals involved with and in the organization.  In addition, an organization's survival is at stake. 

If a corporation, new or "old", does not stimulate globally conscious creativity and will suffer major illness.  If their creativity and innovation to survive does not include a forward-thinking "global" consciousness it will eventually die.

I'm sure the leaders and employees of the US banking and auto industries thought they were and are being innovative and creative.  The products, salary packages and perks have been pretty innovative and creative.

I believe they are not being very conscious of their community or the global environment.  This type of myopic thinking can only lead them to questions and answers that are self-centered, unbalanced and short-term.