I need help with writing a creative writing piece like a letter in regards to The Crucible.

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I think that you are going to have to narrow this down a bit if you wish to receive any meaningful input on this particular task.  There are so many avenues to pursue with Miller's work and the construction of a creative writing piece.  Are you writing it from a specific person's point of view?  Can you choose?  I would think that writing it from Abigail's point of view after the dust had settled in the "trials" would be fascinating.  How about writing it from Proctor's point of view as he is being walked to his execution?  I think that a great letter could be written from Giles Corey as he is bring crushed, asking for "More weight."  If you cannot write it as a character, how about writing it from the point of view of an outsider who is observing the madness of the trials and the intense emotional energy being generated with false accusations.  I think that there are many levels upon which you can go with this and the only limitation you have is what is placed upon you.  I think that narrowing down where this can go would be a good start in terms of getting feedback.

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Read the entire piece through once. This initial reading is for a general impression of the work. Don't skim, but avoid laboring over specific elements of the piece. If you see an occasional spelling error. If there are numerous mistakes throughout the piece, just add a general request for a spell check at the top of the story. More tips about creative writing, Business Essay Writing are traced from various essay writing companies online.


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