The Creation Questions and Answers
by James Weldon Johnson

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In "The Creation" by James Weldon Johnson, what is the impression provided of God?

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The Creation” by James Weldon Johnson is subtitled “A Negro Sermon.” Published in 1920, Johnson intended for the poem’s speaker to sound like a Southern, Black preacher speaking as though he were God.  In the poem, the speaker embellishes the first twenty-five verses from the book of Genesis.

The narration of the poem is third person point of view with the speaker looking through the eyes of God.  The poet gives God human qualities to accentuate the reasons for the creation and how it was performed.

The poem is written in free verse. The images that it brings to the creation story fuse together the black, idiomatic language and the oratorical power of the African-American sermons. Johnson was intent on not perpetuationg the stereotypical views of the black man. Therefore, his language is powerful and expressive.

The descriptions of God and the metaphorical comparisons place God in his all-powerful position but also humanize him as well. The qualities of God are expressed...

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