Is creating a government controlled health care program a good idea?Is creating a government controlled health care program a good idea?

Expert Answers
Lorraine Caplan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Absolutely, yes!  We are all paying for healthcare, anyway, which many people do not seem to understand.  When people do not have health insurance, they use the emergency room because hospitals cannot turn them away. What happens quite often is that people cannot pay their emergency room bills, and the lost funds are passed on to us in higher rates or in taxpayer dollars.  This is also the absolute worst way to take care of people, waiting until there is an emergency to address a medical problem that could have been avoided or solved before it became an emergency, and it ties up the emergency room for real emergencies, straining the resources of each hospital.  Furthermore, if one's concern is only economic, we will thrive better as a capitalistic nation if everyone is assured healthcare, and the only way to assure this is through government.  We would be more productive if we all had healthcare.  The cost of sick days is quite a drain on the economy, slowing down businesses significantly.  Healthy employees are productive employees.  There are other reasons we should have nationalized healthcare, but certainly, these are significant reasons.  

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would argue that Post 3 goes too far in condemning government (and uses language that is not conducive to actual discussion as opposed to ranting).  However, I would also say Post 2 is too sanguine about the idea that government is best suited to running our health care system.

I agree that the current system is bad.  However, I think that the best answer is to allow the market to actually control costs and quality.  We need to actually make people pay for (and realize what they are paying) their health care so that they will care about costs and quality the same way they do when they buy a car or groceries.  We need to know "okay, this procedure will cost me X -- do I really want that?"  The market works well for most things we buy, so why have the government try to run this market?

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I do know that some countries, such as Canda and England, have government health care that is reasonably successful.  It may not be perfect, but at least people do not go broke trying to pay for medical expenses like we do here.

rienzi | Student

There is absolutely no good that can come from having the government control health care. Does anyone think that control of health care somehow doesn't include reproductive health care? Dream on Alice you're in wonderland. This is an incredible invasion of personal privacy. Turning the most sensitive of personal information over to an army of cold bureaucrats is insane. Heap onto that idiocy the bizarre belief that  state/federal bureaucracies can save money. Bureaucracies soak up money like a black hole and produce nothing. Driving everyone into a medicaid program that purports to save money by cutting payments to health care providers serves only to limit access. Health care professionals are not going to work for peanuts when they are burdened with the crushing debt of student loans, equipment costs and malpractice insurance. We all know how well the government's medicare and medicaid systems work. They are rife with inefficiency and fraud. The frickin government can't pave a two lane road without  screwing it up and I'm going to sleep at night while flunkies finger my medical records. This has disaster written all over it.