Create a Persuasive Speech Using Squealer's Style.I need to write a persuasive speech using Squealer's style, where I am a football coach and my team is losing and I'm speaking to them at...

Create a Persuasive Speech Using Squealer's Style.

I need to write a persuasive speech using Squealer's style, where I am a football coach and my team is losing and I'm speaking to them at Half-Time.

I wrote this:

My dear football team, this game has been very hard until now. We have scored a goal while the Tankers have scored us 2. Why? Well, can’t you see them? They are as big as Tanks. But we can and will defeat them. Won’t we? Yes we will. Don’t you remember when we were losing 7 to 1 and we managed to catch up and win in the last 12 minutes? You must remember that! Do you know what happens if we lose? If we lose then the whole team will have to pay all the debts from our sponsors, and we won’t be able to play again and plus we will have to spend all the money that we have earned so far from tournaments will be used to pay for the debts! What a waste it would be! All our hard work thrown down the toilet! You surely wouldn’t want that, wouldn’t you? So now go and fight! And Ed, The strong defender? He can’t run in a straight line! So if you charge directly in front of him with the ball he will change direction because he is afraid! What do you think then, team mates? Will you be able to win and let our football club be the best? Then, with all these tips, what are you waiting for? Go Go Go!


Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a very interesting assignment.  It is going to be difficult to construct because the premise flies in the face of Squealer's primary motivation.  The football coach would most likely believe in his team being successful, and there would be little distinction between the football coach and his team embracing success.  In this case, the coach and the team, the ones who must work for the coach, believe in the same goal.  Squealer's perspective is not to share in the work with the animals, but rather confuse them in believing that the pigs share their suffering and their burdens, when in reality they do not.  Squealer is more concerned with the manipulation and extension of truth to fit his own agenda, whereas the football coach's agenda is most likely the same as the team's.

Yet, there are some elements that can be made to sound Squealer- like.  For example, Squealer would not say that the team is "down" 2 to 1, but rather that the score reflects a "needed readjustment."  Squealer would argue that the size of the opponent is probably the result of some type of performance enhancement chemical and that opposing them is more of a reflection of the "true" athletes over those who are false or inauthentic.  I think that Squealer would use the motivating factor of fear in that if the team did not rise to the challenge, a "new coach" might be present that would make life more difficult for the athletes.  Perhaps, Squealer would argue that the deficit in the score is merely setting the stage for a great come from behind triumph and that this was part of the plan to show the greatness of the football team behind the stellar leadership of the coach.  These might be some approaches to write a speech like this in the mindset of Squealer.