Create a logic model for legalizing marijuana.

Expert Answers
jameadows eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A logic model generally contains the following four elements:

  • the inputs for a program: what will make it work, including money, personnel, etc.
  • activities: which activities, such as training, are necessary for a program to work
  • outputs: what the activities produce, including trainings, workshops, publications, etc.
  • outcomes: the changes, such as increased skills or knowledge, that come from the activities

To legalize marijuana, a state must use inputs such as money and volunteers to fund grassroots campaigns to convince voters to pass initiatives decriminalizing certain amounts of marijuana (like Colorado recently did). (Note that if marijuana were to become legal on a federal level, it would require a different process.) The grassroots groups would campaign and get voters to sign petitions to put an initiative to legalize marijuana on the ballot during an election. These would be the necessary activities. Then, the outputs would involve passing a law decriminalizing marijuana on a state level. Later, other outputs might involve trainings for people who run medical or other dispensaries that are allowed to dispense the drug under the law. The outcome would be knowledge about how to dispense marijuana in legal ways to customers in the state, as well as knowledge among consumers about the ways to legally use marijuana.