How do you write a letter to the editor about steps teens can use to improve self-esteem?

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When writing a letter to the editor, remember who your audience is.  Despite the name, you are not just writing to the editor.  It is called a letter to the editor because you want the editor to publish your letter.  You are looking for an audience. 

If you write to a local paper, you will get an audience about as big as your town, city, or neighborhood.  Writing to a national newspaper, on the other hand, will produce a larger audience because people across the country will read it.

Once you are aware of your audience, remember to write to it.  If you are talking to teens, talk like a teen.  If you are talking to adults, try to talk like an adult.  If your audience includes both adults and kids or the community in general, then make your words accessible to all ages.

It is also important to be brief and simple in your letter.  Get right to the point, and be specific.  Remember you don’t have much space in a letter to the editor.  Also, include a personal touch.  You can list factors that affect teen self-esteem in teens, but include some of your own stories.

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