Create four original metaphors and write them in the space below.

Expert Answers
dlj21260 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Fishing on a crisp fall morning is like listening to a Mozart Symphony. It is peaceful and enchanting until you get a fish on your line then the tempo quickens and becomes all consuming and filled with excitement.

Public speaking is like cooking Thanksgiving dinner. You spend hours and days planning and preparing it, then you make the presentation of your beautiful table full of your creations, and before you know it, it is all over and you can relax full and contented, while someone else does the clean-up.

Doing homework is like exercising. You dwell on how you are going to do it, when you are going to do it and procrastinate about getting started. However, once you get started you realize it is not as bad as you thought it would be and probably begin to enjoy it. Then when it is done you are very satisfied with the results and have a strong sense of accomplishment.

Reading Plato is like driving through a dark tunnel. All the time you are reading you are in the dark and are trying to figure out what he is saying and what it all means. Then when you figure it out it is like coming out of the tunnel and viewing your surroundings with clarity.  

readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Great request. Here is my four originals.

1. My life is a roller coaster; it has its ups an down. The ups are slow and the downs are steep and fast.

2. His eyes were flames of fire. We burned with passion just by looking at him.

3. His words were biting, like the venom of a viper.

4. Her beauty melted my icy heart and she enabled me to soar to height of joy.

I know that they are all cheesy.