Create an organization chart for the company that you currently work for, or for a company that you have worked for in the past. Alternatively, create an organization chart for a company that a friend or family member currently works for or a company they have worked for in the past.

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An organizational chart shows the relationships between people who work at a company, as well as the relationships between the departments or functions of the company. It is usually completed in a hierarchical fashion, with the head of the organization at the top, followed by the people who are close to the top in the hierarchy and working its way down to the people who have lower levels in the organization.

For example, a manufacturing company's organizational chart might show the Board of Directors at the top, at the same level as the chairperson or president of the company. Beneath that person might be branches to different functions or departments of the company. The vice-presidents in charge of sales, manufacturing, human resources, and accounting might all be at the same level. Within each of those departments, there might be further divisions, such as into different regional sales departments (East Coast, Midwest, West Coast, South, etc.), and into the different positions in each department. For example, the human resources department might include a vice-president, human resource generalists below that person, and a person who conducts training below that person or people. Generally, people who share the same position are at the same level. To figure out the organizational chart for the company you choose, you might have to interview someone who works there or someone who works in the human resources department to fill you in about the different positions in the company and how they are ranked and organized.  

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