What could be an appropriation of the fairytale 'Goldilocks and the 3 bears'? Don't write the whole story. Just write the plot in point form and that would be fine. keep it simple. make it challenge the conventional plot. REMEMBER to challenge the conventional elements found in fairytales by reshaping the plot and characters uned in the appropriation.Plots the events in the appropriation based on Campbell's 'Hero's Quest' Theory.

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An appropriation might include seeing Goldilocks as a thief, which she essentially is. She breaks and enters, steals food, cases the house, and gets caught in the act, but is able to escape. So appropriate the characters and the storyline and challenge the fair and innocent version of Goldilocks that many have come to know. Craft her as smart and deceptive, using her looks, abusing the misconception that she is innocent and "just didn't...

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