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Create a training for each of the listed positions. Explain the purpose of the training and how it will be conducted. Administrative Assistants (Time-Management Training), Case Managers (HIPAA Training), Licensed Social Workers (Diversity Training).

A time-management training module for administrative assistants would focus on teaching time management techniques over a session or series of sessions to increase workplace efficiency. A HIPPA training session for case managers would have the goal of compliance and would be carried out through presentations, reading, and case studies. A diversity training session for social workers might include presentations, self-analysis, discussion, and exercises over a half day or full day.

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To get you started on this assignment, let's brainstorm some possibilities for each of these three training modules. We'll start with the administrative assistant time-management training. The purpose and benefit here are likely no more than increasing efficiency in a company's administrative assistants, allowing them to perform more tasks in shorter periods of time by learning how to manage their time. This training might be conducted through a series of time-management exercises that allow assistants to develop and practice their time-management skills, learning new techniques like planning, prioritization, setting boundaries, delegating, and system building. The goal of this training might be something as simple as getting all assistants to keep a standard calendar or as thorough as the implementation a full time-management system. Depending on the goal, such a training module could take place in one afternoon or a series of three or four afternoon sessions.

Now let's turn our attention to HIPAA training for case managers. Training materials are available on the US Department of Health & Human Services website. The purpose and goal of training like this would be to inform case managers of the rules and regulations surrounding data privacy in a healthcare environment with the objective of full HIPAA compliance. Such training may be done through a series of presentations, required reading, and case studies with accompanying exercises and will likely require a one or two day seminar to complete.

Finally, let's brainstorm about the diversity training for licensed social workers. Diversity training encourages people to learn about and embrace differences in the human community. Such training often takes place in a morning or afternoon session of two to three hours although for social workers who must often teach the principles of diversity to others, the sessions may be longer, even a full day. This type of training is often comprised of presentations, self-analysis, scenario exercises, and perhaps small group discussions as participants interact with the material. The purpose and goal are to increase respect for many different kinds of people.

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