Create a dialogue between George and Slim just after George has shot Lennie. Express the thoughts and feelings of both characters on the event, as well as their possible plans for the future.

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Slim: You hadda, George. I swear you hadda. Come on with me.

(Carlson has a puzzled look as George and Slim walk back up toward the road)

George: It's the hardest thing I ever had to do, Slim.

Slim: I know it George, but it had to be done. They'd a locked him up and treated him like a dog. He didn't deserve none a that.

George: But he didn't do it to be mean. He never done nothin' mean Slim. I wisht we could just all get along and ain't nobody hurt nobody ever again. I feel bad for Curley's wife. I guess deep down I knew somethin' like this was goin' to happen. I tol' Lennie to stay away from her so I think she musta started somethin' with him.

Slim: She was always trying to talk to us guys. I wisht Curley coulda kept her in that house. The ranch ain't no place for a girl like that.

George: Yeah, she was trouble, that's for sure. Whadda ya think the sheriff is gonna say about it?

Slim: We'll talk to Al Wilts. He's the deputy. He's a pretty nice fella. I think you should just tell him it was self defense. You'll be ok. Curley and Carlson ain't gonna say anything different. What you think you want to do now George?

George: Oh, I dunno, I guess I can work a week and take my pay and go sit in a poolroom or a buy some whiskey or even go to a whorehouse. Nuts! I don't wanna do none of that. What if you and I take off Slim and look for some work up north?

Slim: Maybe George. I'm pretty tired of this ranch. Curley might not be so bad now though. I hope maybe he learned his lesson but I doubt it. You know of someplace we could get a good job.

George: Well, maybe up by Auburn where I grew up. There's a good ranch we could work on. Guy that owns it says I should come back and work for him if I wasn't with Lennie anymore. He had a run-in with Lennie and wouldn't let him on the property. We could save some money and buy a farm up there that some old folks own. We could even take Candy. I told him we wasn't gonna do it but maybe we should. If you was to come along we could get the money pretty quick. How's that sound?

Slim: Ok, George, that sounds fine. Now let's go into Soledad and get a drink.

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