In the Cratchet house, why does Tiny Tim say that he wants people to know that he is lame and crippled in "A Christmas Carol"?Please explain in detail, very fast, and very short

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sostrowski eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In A Christmas Carol, Tiny Tim wants people to know he is lame and crippled because he wants his family to not have to suffer more because of his disability.  He thinks that if people know that he is lame and crippled, they might have pity on his family and be more generous toward them.

Tiny Tim is most concerned with Scrooge being generous to his family.  Tim believes that if Scrooge knew that Bob Cratchit had a son who is crippled and less fortunate, he may not be so hard on Bob and may be more generous toward him, especially at a time when Christmas is coming and the Cratchit family has no money to even buy themselves a full Christmas dinner.

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