Cracking India Questions and Answers
by Bapsi Sidhwa

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Is Cracking India relevant today? Is Cracking India relevant today?

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Certainly, the period of Partition was one that holds its own sad distinction in the history of India.  This is a period that should never  be repeated.  The savage condition of India during Partition is the basis for Sidhwa's novel.  In this sense, it reflects a particular moment of time and is highly relevant in exploring the horrors of Partition.

I do think that there are some relevant aspects to such a contextualized work today.  The fact that there are still territory issues going on in Jammu- Kashmir today in India, and the atrocities being committed there rival what Sidhwa's work make it highly meaningful.  The violations of women, in particular, help to forge some strong connection to Sidwha's writing.  Additionally, one of the lasting messages of Cracking India is the idea that communal politics is not something that benefits the whole of India.  Certainly, with globalization taking a rapid hold of India, we do not see as communal of an identity that is presented in the book.  That being said, the paranoia of Muslims and of Pakistan, in general, could be one to lead to situations such as the communal violence that Sidhwa depicts with unflinching realism.  In this, I think that another chord of resonance is present with the work and modern India.

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