cover of the bookThe version I have of "Candide" has a cover with a drawing of a man dressing up. How do you explain this portrait in relation to the book?  

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linda-allen eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Have you ever heard the saying "don't judge a book by its cover"? That adage applies in this situation.

If Voltaire were still alive, I'm sure he'd have a say in what the book cover looked like. Since he's not, then some editor and book designer have chosen a design that they feel best represents the book.

Go to and search for Candide. Look at all the different editions and variety of book covers that are available.

ludovicosigala | Student

I think that the cover of the book has a relationship with Candide. It tells us that he is not a rich person, but an adopted guy for the way he is dressed on the cover.

soyoung93 | Student

I also think that the cover of the book doesn't have anything to do with the actual story. I believe that the cover of the book should show Candide and his "adventure" to find Cunegonde.

ivonne-marin | Student

I really think that the cover of the book has nothing to do with the story...

so i agree with billy gio! :P

except that part where she says that the old man has a nice body! hahahah


billygio | Student

I believe that the cover of the book does not match with the story, although i believe that the man portrayed has a very nice body!!!!! ahaahahahhaha

markbusta | Student

I believe that the cover of a book should show the love of an author for the subject on which he writes. All good books should be covered in roses and hearts to express the writers love for the words he has poured on the the page from his heart. The cover should also have something awesome on it like an explosion or to follow more closely with the book on which the cover is for the battle in the third or fourth chapter.

william08 | Student

The cover the book is god awful, and should be destroye immediately, no one wants to see a skinny old man, it just ruins the natural flow of the novel, thinking of his bony, slave like body, eww.

joanakika | Student

I think that if someone sees the cover before reading the book, they will think that the book is funny, and it is because it makes fun of something.