for a covalent compound, what is the name for the combination of 2 nitrogen atoms and 5 oxygen atoms?eg. for the combination 1 carbon atom with 1 oxygen atom: Name : carbon monoxideFormula : CO  

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N2O5 is named as dinitrogen pentaoxide it has NO2+ and NO3-

with average mass of 108.01

Systematic name  1,3-Dioxodiazoxane 1,3-dioxide

Also know as



Nitrogen pentoxide (O2NONO2)

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This can be named in two ways.

Here we have two Nitrogen and 5 oxygen.

So we can say Dinitogen Pentaoxide.


Another way is to do this is by oxidation state. In `N_2O_5` oxidation state of N is 5. So we can say the name as;

Nitrogen(V) Oxide     [ Nitrogen five Oxide]