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Courtesy and personal conduct are key in Sir Thomas Wyatt's "Mine Own Jon Poins" and in the Earl of Surrey's "So cruel a prison how could betide. " What are the main differences between the ways Wyatt and Surrey treat these issues and the way they are treated in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight?

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Wyatt may be best known for bringing the Italian sonnet to England; or for false charges against him when Henry VIII decided to execute Anne Boleyn. The King named several men as lovers, among them Wyatt, unfairly accused and killed with Anne.

Wyatt's writings were linked with Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey, as seen in the book entitled, The Works of Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey, and of Sir Thomas Wyatt, the Elder, printed in London by T. Bensley, in 1816. In this book, it is noted that Wyatt counted John Poins as a good friend; his poem takes issue life in at court in London.

In his poem, Wyatt has many concerns, and they relate to "courtesy and personal conduct." In his writing to Poins, he says he is leaving London—returning to the country. (It was not uncommon for people to have a home in London and in the country; among other things, the country provided distance from politics and intrigue at court.)

In his poem, "Mine Own Jon Poins," Wyatt speaks clearly, telling Poins that he cannot...

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