Course is Critical Thinking Strategic for Success by Richard Paul and Linda Elder Critical thinking has three dimensions. How does deep learning impact each of these aspects?

gsenviro | Student

The three dimensions of critical thinking according to "Critical Thinking Strategies for success" by Richard Paul and Linda Elder are:

1) Affective dimension

2) Cognitive dimension: Macro-skills

3) Cognitive Dimension: Micro-Skills

These dimensions are further subdivided into 35 sub-dimensions. Deep learning and the intellect are critical to all three dimensions. Some of the examples of critical thinking include the ability to deeply question what a person perceives, e.g., a passage from a text. A critical thinker will be able to impart deep thoughts and critically analyze the underlying issues. He or she would be able to organize his thoughts accordingly and synthesize the information. Deep learning can help a thinker in questioning, by means of which he can better understand his own beliefs or learn new things. Logical reasoning, an aspect of critical thinking, can only be present as a result of deep learning through which the thinker can support or argue against an issue at hand. And the role of deep learning in developing intellect is unquestionable. These examples show that all three dimension of critical thinking are affected by deep learning, whether it's the development of intellect or the ability to question deeply or thought organization.

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