Discuss the course of the American Revolution.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that you will need to add more detail into this question if you wanted a more specific answer.  The course of the American Revolution consists of discussion of the rising tensions between both England and the Colonists.  The background here would be the various acts and laws, as well as actions and attitudes, that both sides held towards one another.  This fed the antagonism between both sides and was critical in helping to bring out the outbreak of war.  Once war was declared, the challenges for the Colonial Army were evident.  They were up against the greatest army in the world.  The British army had more "lawyers, guns, and money," in the strictest and most symbolic form of the phrase.  The Colonists experienced this in early setbacks in Battles for New York and Long Island.  Yet, over time, the lack of British familiarity with both terrains and conditions began to take its toll.  Battles at Saratoga proved that the Colonists can defeat the British and also helped to bring in foreign support during the war, such as France and Spain entering on the Colonists side after Saratoga.  From this point on, the British desire to try to take both the South and the North ended up falling short, as momentum swung towards the Colonists and culminating at the Battle of  Yorktown, with the British being deafeated once and for all.