A question about Hamlet:1.Hamlet never expresses any admiration for:a. Poloniusb. Laertesc.Prince Fortinbras

Expert Answers
luannw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Hamlet expresses admiration for Laertes and for Fortinbras, but never shows respect for Polonius.  Hamlet's disdain for Polonius is throughout the play.  In Act 2, sc. 2, he calls Polonius a "fishmonger", which could mean "fish seller" or "pimp", both of which are insults . In the rest of that scene, Hamlet continues to speak disrespectully to Polonius. It could be that Hamlet knows that Polonius told Ophelia to cut off any relationship to Hamlet.  He later refers to Polonius as "tedious old fool(s)" . Hamlet never shows disdain toward Laertes. In Act 5, sc. 2, Hamlet apologizes to Laertes for killing Polonius when he says, "I have shot my arrow o'er the house / And hurt my brother."  In Act 4, sc. 4, Hamlet hears about Fortinbras' march to Poland and while he thinks the gain would be insignificant and wasteful of men, he admires Fortinbras' determination and compares it to his own inaction. At the end of Act 5, sc. 2, as he is dying, Hamlet tells Horatio that he wants Fortinbras to take over as king.