Could you please tell me the current biggest cotton yarn manufacturers in U.S.?

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The big three in cotton yarn production in the United States are Caron, Red Heart, and Lion Brand. Caron is made in North Carolina; Red Heart (a division of Coats & Clark) in South Carolina, and Lion Brand in New York and New Jersey.

All three of these companies make a variety of yarns, from soft and snuggly baby yarns to rich, coarse rug yarn. These yarns come in a variety of colors, thicknesses, and weights. I personally like the Caron Brand for its softness and color varieties!

Crafting with yarn had declined in popularity as people gravitated to the ready-made products sold in the stores. But, recently, with the higher costs of living, there's been a renewed interest in making things from "scratch." Hence, yarn manufacturing will always have a place in our economy, and homemade items will have a place in our hearts!

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